About Us

Bryan and Karina started CufflinkMonthly as a result of their search to add a unique and affordable way to bring style and a sense of whimsy to their wardrobes. Rather than be just another boringly clad business person, they prefer to make their mark and be noticed. Not finding readily available sources for cufflinks, they set out to start their own company.

At CufflinkMonthly, we know the well-dressed lady and gentleman, and those that love them, are often too busy to devote time to sorting through stores and websites to find cufflink sets to celebrate each month's festivities.

Let us do the hard work for you, at CufflinkMonthly we carefully pre-select themed cufflink sets to reflect each month's holiday or event.  We choose pieces that are fun yet tasteful and expressive. Our goal is to provide creative individual style while maintaining classic integrity; keeping the worldly lady and gentleman well dressed in personalized accessories. 

Our monthly inspirations come from window shopping along some of the finest fashion houses on Fifth Avenue in New York; Bond Street in London; and Avenue George V in Paris - yes, we know everyone instantly thinks of Av. des Champs-Elysees, but trust us, the best ones are here.

Design ideas are always flowing in our heads and are frequently inspired by visiting the past. You may find us scouring through vintage stores and flea markets finding those unique and “just right” gifts for those that we love.

While in London be sure to visit Hanbury Street in the Bethnal Green area for amazing classic vintage. Across the channel to the land of Chanel, visits to the charming streets of the 18th arrondissement are sure to please your fashion bug, while a visit to the flea markets of Porte de Clignancourt and Saint-Ouen should not be missed. New York, not to be outdone, offers some amazing bargain hunting in the Williamsburg enclave of Brooklyn and of course Manhattan’s West Village has treasures looking for a great home.

We would also love to hear your ideas and inspiration for cufflink sets, who knows maybe your suggestions will result in a set that others love too. Send your thoughts to info@cufflinkmonthly.com